Domain Bought For $20 and Quickly Sold For $1000

1000 USD

In the world of domaining, most domain names are held onto for many years for high profit sales. However, there are many sales that are considered ‘quick flips’ – where a newly acquired domain name can be sold within days or weeks.

Tours / For / Singles.ext was a domain that I had purchased in late 2014 via a drop catching service known as Pheenix. It cost me roughly $20 USD to acquire, and since there were no other backorders placed for the name on Pheenix, the domain was awarded to me without going to auction.

As soon as I had the domain in my account I began looking for qualified buyers. The best way to find domain buyers, also known as ‘end users’, is to use search engines like Google and Bing.

Finding Domain Buyers

I always look up the keywords of the domain first, in order to see who would be the most interested in owning the domain. In this case, I went to Google and searched for “Tours For Singles”. After going through 6 or 7 pages of results I had roughly 15 prospective buyers to contact via eMail.

These prospective buyers consisted of mid to large scale travel businesses that were competing against each other for the singles travel market. It is important to weed out the ‘mom and pop’ operations, and find businesses that have a strong internet presence that are likely to understand the appropriate market value for domains.

Contacting End Users via eMail

Whenever I contact an end user I use the actual domain name I am offering as my eMail address – [name] Sales is psychological, when an end user sees someone using a great domain name they want to use it as well. Using the domain eMail is also considered more professional than using a free eMail service, which is cheap and can be thrown away at any time.

It’s very easy to set up eMail for your domain within HostGator; I will include a tutorial for HostGator eMail setup so that you can use this approach for yourself.

Good domains almost sell themselves, the final selling price comes down to who is selling it.

Negotiating A Domain Sale Price

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The final sale price comes down to your presentation. If you have found a qualified buyer, and they are interested, only you set the prices, and only you can close the deal.

If you are just starting out in domaining, you might be inclined to ask for $200 to $300; as you feel that this is a fair return for your $20 investment. However consider this; there are only so many good domains out there. Five to seven years from now, it maybe extremely difficult to even find bottom of the barrel .COM domains for less than $50 USD. So hold onto your names, and only accept prices that will make you very happy, and can sustain your domain acquisition goals.

When I contacted the end user about Tours / For / Singles I asked for $4500, a counter offer of $1000 was made; I accepted.

Keep in mind, total time from acquisition to sale was roughly 4 days. It’s not my best flip ($20 USD domain flipped for $4500 USD within 24 hours), but this is one that I can discuss as there was not a non-disclosure agreement in place.

Things to consider

You can flip a domain rather quickly, as long as you put in the time and effort to find those end users! Do not expect to buy a domain and have buyers swarm to you; it happens, but it’s rare unless you decide to buy $500k in domain names (like some investors do).

The domain is your property, set your sales goals high; there are a finite number of quality domains out there; make your profit, buy better names, and then sell for higher prices.

Have you had your quick flip happen yet?

If so, share your story in the comments section below. If you have any questions, feel free to ask; if you leave a ‘thank you’ it’s appreciated.

Happy domaining!